What about production equipment?
The production equipment has been introduced into and has been well running for years. The equipment is operated by well trained workers. The production is stable and flexible. In general, the production is suspended once for maintenance every year.

INDUSTRIAL-MAN has been deeply rooted in people's heart with its fabulous rapid tooling. rapid tooling is the main product of . It is diverse in variety. Since INDUSTRIAL-MAN was built, it adheres to the quality, service and new ideas with technical innovation,equipment renewal, excellent technicians, and built a one-stop mode of operation that include design, produce and marketing.The prototypes and parts are applied to automotive, medical device, aerospace, commercial products, etc. The team spirit is also there which motivate us to work with full dedication and achieve the target goals. INDUSTRIAL-MAN prototypes and parts have high mechanical and thermal resistance.

Strives to create brands with market appeal and market competitiveness! Please contact us!
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