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exhibition by mini cnc 3d INDUSTRIAL-MAN

exhibition by mini cnc 3d INDUSTRIAL-MAN
  • exhibition by mini cnc 3d INDUSTRIAL-MAN
  • exhibition by mini cnc 3d INDUSTRIAL-MAN
exhibition by mini cnc 3d INDUSTRIAL-MAN
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Color of material
Color of material:natural;white;black;transparent;
Surface treatment
painting;chrome plating;slik screen;polish;highly polished etc
Company Advantages
1. INDUSTRIAL-MAN CNC Machining offers high-levels of accuracy and precision. cnc precision cnc production offered by INDUSTRIAL-MAN Prototyping are used for cnc plastic.
2. The fame of INDUSTRIAL-MAN is widely increasing for its high quality cnc 3d. INDUSTRIAL-MAN parts need little post-process finishing
3. The improved cnc engineering has the advantages of cnc cutting service. INDUSTRIAL-MAN provides prototype or volume machined parts in a massive range of materials
4. With the advantages of rapid prototyping china, cnc technology is rather powerful in the similar products.
5. INDUSTRIAL-MAN Prototyping Has The Ability To Offer A Unique Flexibility Of Each part is cleaned and polished before leaving factory INDUSTRIAL-MAN, custom machining, prototype companies With A Multitude Of Choices.

CNC is a program controlled automation machine.

The control system can logically process the program with the control code or other symbol instruction, decode it by the computer, so that the machine can perform the prescribed action, and cut the blank into semi-finished finished parts by cutting the tool. CNC processing out of the sample size, high strength, good toughness, low cost advantages, has become the preferred sample production of high strength, good toughness, low cost advantages, has become the first choice for sample production.

Our high seed precision CNC Milling and turning services are perfect for both one off prototypes and low mass volume production runs. We machined parts from many different plasticn and metal materials on our staste of the art machining finishes available CNC Machining is a very verssatile option. Fast, accurat and competitively priced whilst delivering superior surface finishes from a massive range of material options, CNC Machining is the backbone of INDUSTRI-MAN'S sevices.

Car model development and production process description:

Conceptual design
Conceptual design includes styling design and rendering design. Usually, multiple schemes will be designed. The design studio will review the interior. The design leader will select no less than 5 relatively good ideas from the designer's design. 1:4 The clay model is made and the clay model is made in two ways. One is a fully artificial engraving model of the clay modeler, and the other is a 5-shaft machining center for milling the sludge model. Modern cars usually use a 5-axis machining center for milling
3D digital modeling
3D digital model needs to be built before 5-axis milling, and 3D engineers build 3D models from professional software based on modeling drawings and renderings.
Proportional and equal proportion sludge model verification
Usually, a small proportion of 1:4 small-scale clay model is produced. Three of them are selected and selected to carry out a 1:1 full-size sludge model. The model is made of sludge as the material, mainly because it is easy to modify and easy to Model making stage is constantly improving
Hardwood model verification
The selected small-scale oil sludge model is scanned by a professional 3D scanner to obtain point cloud data, which is scaled up to a 1:1 model size, and a 1:1 clay model is started
Simulation sample production and color definition

Modeling data freeze

Company Features
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