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die plastic INDUSTRIAL-MAN Brand rapid prototyping and tooling factory
die plastic INDUSTRIAL-MAN Brand rapid prototyping and tooling factory
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Plastic-ABS and wood;clay;foam
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Surface treatment:painting;slik screen;polish etc
Application Scope
's is commonly used in the following industries.With a focus on customers' potential needs, has the ability to provide one-stop solutions.
Enterprise Strength
  • has a group of aggressive technical talents and business elites. We also partner with experienced experts at home and abroad to develop new products. All this guarantees the high quality of each product.
  • has built a service system that meets the needs of consumers. It has won wide acclaim and support from customers.
  • sticks to modern civilization development. We regard 'honesty, responsibility, environmental protection, development' as our enterprise spirit and we adhere to our development strategy which is to greatly focus on excellence and innovation. We strive to improve our enterprise competitiveness and develop modern business.
  • , built in , has been developing in the industry for years. We have accumulated rich industry experience and have gained great achievements.
  • 's products are mainly exported to Europe, America, Asia and Africa and other countries and regions.
Company Advantages
1. We also have the ability to customize rapid mold as per the requirement of client and offer them at market leading prices. You will never regret for choosing INDUSTRIAL-MAN Prototyping .
2. Mold-Tech and VDI finish on INDUSTRIAL-MAN metal and plastic parts can be provided, INDUSTRIAL-MAN Is One Of The Leading 3d rapid prototyping Factories.
3. CNC Machining service is a fast way to make prototypes in real plastic and metal materials, Industrial-man technology development Co.,Ltd. Is The Largest Manufacturer Of rapid machining, rapid prototyping and tooling In China.
4. INDUSTRIAL-MAN services and products are built around your needs and wishes. the strong productivity growth has been crucial for maintaining the competitiveness of INDUSTRIAL-MAN in rapid prototypes,sla rapid prototyping field.
5. INDUSTRIAL-MAN is ideal for volume production. based on the company's leading production equipment and manufacturing technology, INDUSTRIAL-MAN provides customers with 'one-stop sourcing' solutions.

At Industrial man,we can make different size of exhibition models,and the surface can be made varied according to different clients.Industrial man import this kind of machine since 2015,which consists of 5-axis advanced machining centers especially designed for shipyards specific needs. A wide range of models and cutting heads enable to meet any kind of dimensional and technological requirement. The shipyards who chose Belotti's Navy machining centres incremented their constructive quality and efficiency shortly; furthermore, the quality of working environment has greatly improved, thanks to the various accessories offered with the machining center, such as effective dust suction equipments and active/passive safety systems.

According to the molding classification: Injection molding,Compression molding,Extrusion molding,Die casting molding and so on.

●  Injection molding: 

The plastic is added to the heating barrel of the injection machine, and the plastic is melted by heat. Under the push of the screw or plunger of the injection machine, the nozzle and the mold casting system enter the mold cavity, and the plastic is hardened and shaped into an injection molded product due to physical and chemical action.
● Compression molding: 

Commonly known as press molding, it is one of the first methods of molding plastic parts. Compression molding is to directly add plastic to an open mold cavity with a certain temperature, and then close the mold, and the plastic melts into a flowing state under the action of heat and pressure. Due to physical and chemical effects, the plastic is hardened into a plastic part having a constant shape and constant shape and size.
● Extrusion molding:

A molding method for forming a continuous profile of a desired cross-sectional shape by passing a plastic in a viscous flow state through a die having a specific sectional shape at a high temperature and a certain pressure, and then at a lower temperature.
● Die casting molding:

Die casting molds are also referred to as transfer molding dies. The plastic raw material is added to the preheating feed chamber and pressure is applied to the pressure column. The plastic melts under high temperature and pressure, enters the cavity through the casting system of the mold, and gradually hardens. This molding method is called die casting and uses the mold used. It is called a die casting mold. This type of mold is mainly used for the molding of thermosetting plastics.

Company Features
1. Industrial-man technology development Co.,Ltd. is a professional rapid mold production export-oriented enterprises.
2. Industrial-man technology development Co.,Ltd. has strong technical strength for developing 3d rapid prototyping.
3. We are committed to reducing the environmental impact of our business and already operate a recycling scheme for a range of our manufacturing by-products as well as promoting the use of recycled and recyclable materials. Contact!
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