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3d lenticular printing exhibition metal door Warranty INDUSTRIAL-MAN
3d lenticular printing exhibition metal door Warranty INDUSTRIAL-MAN
1 piece
50% when place order+50% before delivery
Delivery time
1 weeek also
Machined way
Resin;PA;PA+GF;ABS;aluminum etc
Color of material
Color of material:natural;white;black;grey;transparent
Company Advantages
1. INDUSTRIAL-MAN is ideal for volume production. The 3d lenticular printing that is reinforced with top 3d printing companies composite is unique and in the three dimensional printing machinery industry only to be found in INDUSTRIAL-MAN Prototyping .
2. 'Strictly abide by the contract and deliver promptly' is 's consistent principle. INDUSTRIAL-MAN injection molding is widely used for mass production of all kinds of plastic objects
3. The plastic and metal parts from INDUSTRIAL-MAN are smooth and accurate with very tight tolerances. The delicate usage of the 3d printing technology,3d printing prototypewill undoubtedly have a profound influence on INDUSTRIAL-MAN.

3D printingThe design process of 3D printing:

Firstly use software to build a model, and then split the 3D model to a layer-by-layer cross-section, ie, slicing, so as to guide the printer to print layer by layer.

The standard file format between design software and printers is the STL file. A STL file uses a triangular face to approximate the surface of a simulated object. The smaller the triangular face, the higher the generated surface resolution. PLY is a scanner that generates a 3D file by scanning, and the generated VRML or WRL file is often used as an input file for full-color printing.

SLA Techonology

Focusing on the surface of the photocurable material with a laser of a specific wavelength and intensity, from point to line, from line to surface solidification, complete a level of drawing operation, then the lifting table moves the height of a layer in the vertical direction, and then solidifies Another level. This layer superposition constitutes a three-dimensional entity.

The advantages of SLA Rapid Prototyping

■ It has the longest development time, the most mature technology and the most widely used.
■ The forming speed is faster and the system works stably.
■ Highly flexible.
■ High precision, can achieve micron level, such as 0.025mm.
■ The surface quality is good and smooth: suitable for fine parts.

Company Features
1. has widely popularity and reputation in 3d printing technology field. - In , only finest-quality 3d printing business can be provided.
2. has advanced production processes and modern management mode.
3. We always insists on the use of quality products providing long-term solutions that are fully guaranteed. INDUSTRIAL-MAN Prototyping - keeps concentrated on superior service for customers. Get info!
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